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The House of Wagging Tails is located in a quaint little town about 70 miles East of Los Angeles.  Living in the long shadows of the gleaming metropolis affords The House of Wagging Tails and Team Furry the opportunity to participate in many events, shows, dog clubs, and spectaculars. 

Team Furry over the years has been proud to be the first ever team to acquire Master Championships.  We were the very first Biewers in the USA to obtain that distinction.  We have four such awards.  

Team Furry has gone on to champion most of our breeding dogs, and now has the highest ranked champion Biewer in the US.  His name is Merlin, and he holds the prestigious IABCA Title:  World Cup Grand Champion.  The only Biewer in the US to be acclaimed such!

Dee Ashley, with her helper husband, Dan, have been breeding championship Biewers since 2004.  With over a decade of experience, both Dee and Dan have been certified by several organizations as quality and knowledgeable breeders.   Both have animal care certifications from the American Red Cross, and Dee is a Certified Breeder by The Puppy Project, an offshoot of the Veterinary Council for Breed Stewardship.