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Meet Team Furry!



Charm at six months. She is already an International and National Puppy Champion.

She sure is playful...always a busy bee! She likes to play dress up and show off on the doggie-run way!

We look forward to watching Charm grow up. She sure is charming!



Patticake is a very pretty little girl. You always know that Patticake is here, because she announces her presence with a single bark. "ARF!" she says.

Patticake is both a junior and an adult national and international champion! She is a proud holder of both National and International titles in each category.

Patticake has not had any babies yet. She is too young and has only had one "heat". We look forward to Patticake having litter in the about a year. Patticake has been flirting with Whiskey, so maybe in the future....



Kodee is the newest addition to The House of Wagging Tails. When he came to join us, he was super-shy, and was too afraid to even take a treat from your hand. Now, he is a rough-and-tumble boy, and is happy and healthy. He is 2 years old, and has sired several litters. Expect to hear a lot more about Kodee, as he will be in the show ring sometime next year! Welcome to Team Furry, Kodee!



Rocky is our Bred By!  Is is our Puppy, National, International, Adult, Ehrenclass--Bronze Champion!

We love Rocky.  He can be a little shy, but he likes to play, play, play!



Betsy Ross:


Betsy Ross was born on the Fourth of July. (Isn't there a song like that?) She is four years old. Betsy Ross is Itzi's and Abbi's daughter She is a champion, and is one of the most lovable, and "sensitive-to-humans" dog we have ever met. She is soooo pretty, and soooo much fun! We just love Betsy Ross.



Whiskey is beautiful. A 4 pound male (that is, when he is soaking wet!). He has earned his national and international championship titles and has sired several litters. His puppies are beautiful...but honestly...no puppy could ever be as special as Whiskey. Whiskey allows me to share his pillow on the bed at night. Thank you, Whiskey!


Itzi Pro Shot WEB  2_0.jpg

Itzi is a pro! He really is. He is the very first Biewer to hold the prestegious title: ARBA Master Champion. Itzi is also a multi-multi- national and internaltional champion from the International All Breed Canine Association (IABCA). Itzi is also a trained service dog, and is very proud to let you know that the phone is ringing, or the door bell is dinging, and more. When Itzi was a puppy, he was one of the two that were saved by Bailey. (See Bailey above).


Abbi Pups 10-28-07   9_0.JPG

Abbi is the other puppy that Bailey saved. Abbi is now a seven year old grandmother. She was spayed last year, and is truly enjoying her retirement. Abbi loves to garden, and on warm spring mornings can be found "digging weeds" in the back yard garden. She is also the best momma-dog one could ever have imagined!